TUUSSO Energy is a Seattle-based developer of utility-scale solar plants founded in 2008. TUUSSO focuses on developing mid-sized projects in close proximity to existing transmission infrastructure, and targets previously disturbed sites where impacts to environmentally sensitive areas can be avoided. These projects will supply utilities with renewable power for 20+ years, using readily available, commercially-proven technology, without the need for costly transmission upgrades.

TUUSSO Energy is focused on minimizing development risk and developing the very best sites for each off-taker it works with.

These goals can both be met with careful site selection and investment. TUUSSO identifies attractive markets based on predicted demand, overall RPS targets, the competitiveness of solar vs. other renewables (e.g., wind), and RPS policies that specifically target solar. Within a given state or region, projects must be located in the right areas that achieve the lowest possible LCOE, are viable from a transmission perspective, and appropriately take into account other factors such as proximity to load and community preferences.

TUUSSO Energy also works closely with all stakeholders, including community leaders, permitting authorities, government officials, off-takers and transmission owners, very early in its development process. This approach both reduces late development failures and allows TUUSSO to take into account stakeholder preferences from each project’s inception.

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